Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Version of New Year's Eve

Every New Year's Eve I have gone out to some bar or club and had a few drinks and celebrated with the guy on my arm at the time. For the last seven years, it's been with my husband, well except for the two years we were separated while he was in Korea.

When Jeff and I were pregnant with our first two children, we still went out and did the typical, hung out at a bar, he had a few drinks and I sat across from him desperately trying to have a good time but was envious that I couldn't have a drink.

This year, we started out doing the typical...the in laws had the kids for the night, we went to our favorite restaurant and afterwards Jeff pops out the typical question "What do you want to do now?" See, when I'm pregnant, it's such a foreign concept for him that if I make any uncomfortable sound or move, the man believes he needs to put me in bed and keep me there so nothing happens. I swear if he could, he would my mom. I'm such an independent girl I'll motor through some uncomfortable painful thing to get done what needs to be done because sitting on your ass is for the dead in my book. I have slowly learned how to take care of myself but I have to put it in a calendar like it's an appointment and force myself to do it half the time. So him asking this question was him trying to do and make me as comfortable as he could.

So after he pops the question, I think to myself  "What would be awesome?" In my pregnant state, this brownie the size of Mount Everest pops in my head topped with ice cream and chocolate. So out came "OOOOO, lets go get dessert!" Jeff laughs and says "Ok, my pregnant lady, lets go get dessert." So out we go into the car vehicle on our way to find some dessert. We have no idea where we're going, so we start down the road towards home and end up at Desert Ridge, an outdoor shopping mall with SO many lovely places to make any girl happy. We end up having dessert at Mimi's and what is so funny, that big ole brownie that popped into my head turned into an apple crisp, my husband's favorite, well because I'm pregnant apparently with the spitting image of my husband. I'm eating everything HE likes. I'm a pretty healthy person when it comes to meals but just the other day I ordered a salad and literally could only choke down a couple of bites before hitting the gag reflex....amazing what pregnancy does. Thank GOD for prenatal vitamins!

We make one more stop before heading home to continue our laughing and joking around that's gone on all night. That's the beauty of being married to him; I know 9 times out of 10, any time we go out we're gonna have a BALL! We hop into bed after hanging out in the kitchen for an hour telling each other funny things that popped in our heads...I'm sparing the details because they are not appropriate ;) and turn on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve Party and we both realize we miss the kids terribly.

All night the kids have popped up in our conversation; we're having a good time and know that it's been a while that we've gone out with each other but each of us had an idea of what tonight was gonna be and it included our children. I wanted to keep the kids up till midnight and light fireworks with them. Jeff would have been happy just hanging out with them and doing what he does best, turns into a kid right with them.

Next year, we're starting a new tradition...the family tradition. The idea of going out, drinking with the guy on my arm sounds fun but I've done that. I'm looking forward to celebrating with our FAMILY, all of it!

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