Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sisterly Love

The other day, my little girl did something so sweet, it made both Jeff and I tear up. Zach's birthday was May 2nd, so Jessica watched her big brother get a birthday cake, open presents and have the light shine on him for a minute. Every so often, she would pipe in with her plans for her birthday, describing a kitty birthday cake, who SHE wanted to invite to her party and what presents she wanted. Jeff and I both thought this all was very typical for a sister and was really surprised that she didn't get upset at the fact that the attention wasn't on her. She has her little ways of showing us what is going on in that innocent head of hers.

Jessica's favorite song has always been Happy Birthday. At bedtime, we have a ritual where we sing at the most three songs. When she was little, it was the only way I could get her to sleep. Jeff had other ways, like having to take her for a ride in the car, holding her and walking around until she fell asleep, letting her cry it out. I swear that man almost lost his mind over trying to put her down. I've always been a little more gentle, singing, sleeping, petting her hair, things that would soothe me. So, "Happy Birthday" is where we would start and we'd end up singing "Rock A Bye Baby", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and the endless list of lullabies.

Just recently, she's gotten to the point to where she'll sing the songs with me and after we leave from giving her kisses and hugs goodnight, she continues to sing. It was surprising and so very sweet to hear her take the lead and sing those wonderful songs.

So the day after Zach's birthday, Jeff, Zach and Jessie were playing in the playroom, each doing their own thing. My boys love video games, so I'm sure Jeff was playing on his phone and Zach was playing Mario Cart on his Nintendo DS. Jessica was playing with her dolls in her doll house. I was at work or school and missed the moment but can not get it out of my head. Jeff told me that all of a sudden Jessica took the table, a single chair and the birthday cake in her doll house and put it right next to Zachery. She whispered his name and he answered her with "Yeah?". She sang "Happy Birthday" to him all the way through and even said "dear Zachery" at the end. Jeff ended up leaving the scene up for me so I can see it when I got home.

Jess and Zach have always been really close, but usually Zach is the sweetheart. This time Jessie surprised us and showed us how beautiful she really is. Life through a child's eyes is absolutely precious and OH MAN am I so very glad to be a witness to it!

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